Hosted Oracle Database

Do you need a full-featured, high-performance database without the high price tag? Now you can have it with our Shared Oracle10g Databases. By sharing the upfront and maintenance expenses across customers on the same server, you can have all the benefits of Oracle’s #1 database for a fraction of the cost.


Our shared Oracle10g Databases offer you robust managed services such as:

  • Backup
  • Recovery
  • Monitoring on a shared server in our state-of-the-art data center

With Oracle10g Hosting you get:

  • A rich set of application, data, and networking services to meet all needs
  • Reliability to handle even the most mission-critical applications
  • Scalability for long-term growth
  • Low IT operational costs
  • Critical managed services including data backup and recovery, database monitoring, maintenance, and 24x7 security

How it Works

You share a partitioned Oracle 10g Oracle10g Hosting with other users, but your tablespace is not accessible to them. The number of tables, indexes, and other objects that can be placed in your tablespace is limited only by disk space, which is fully upgradeable. We'll even set up your account to automatically upgrade disk space as you need it, if you prefer.

In addition, Oracle10g Oracle10g Hosting includes managed services such as Backup, Recovery, and Monitoring-all without you incurring the cost of hiring your own dedicated DBA!

Choose a service plan based on the number of concurrent connections you'll need. Concurrent connections are connections to your database that take place in a given one-second time slice.

For example, you've created a Web form that works with Oracle. How much traffic do you think the form will receive? If you expect more than 10 people to hit the "submit" button in any one second, you'll want to choose a service plan with at least 20 concurrent connections per second to avoid an error message. (If an error message is sent, the user can simply re-submit.)

Select from the three options we offer below, or contact us today at 1-727-631-0249 to learn more.

Technical Specs

FeaturesDisk SpaceUser AccountsConnections
Value Plan 150 MB 5 35
Professional Plan 400 MB 10 75
Corporate Plan 725 MB No set limit on user accounts 150