Press Releases

A well-written press-release can help get exposure for your products and drive traffic to your website. A well placed press release can also be an excellent way of improving search engine ranking; the valuable back links from a reputed source increase the ranking of the page they link to.

A good press release gets the attention of your audience, whether local, national or international, specialized or general. A poorly written press release gets the wrong kind of attention; at best it is boring, at the worst it will antagonize potential clients by giving an unprofessional impression.

Our staff includes published authors and journalists who can provide succinct, well-written press releases that are compliant with the requirements of various news distribution services, including the Thomas Industrial Network. We get rid of the jargon so that a layman can understand technical content. We organize and clarify your content, and get your point across.

Have a look at a few examples:

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