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Tampa, Florida--After intensive research and experimentation, Master Baker Franco Barlettai has succeeded in modernizing and perfecting the Snackarini™. Snackarini™ is an exceptionally delicious breadstick based on traditional recipes from his native Tuscany, that meets and surpasses contemporary expectations for a snack food that is healthy, inexpensive, and has a shelf life at least as long as competing products.

Snackarini™ was developed from Grissini, pencil-sized strips of dry bread known throughout northern Italy since the fourteenth century.

The difference between Snackarini™ and traditional grissini is the nutritional value. The choice of ingredients has been refined to provide an unusually wholesome snack, while at the same time retaining the delicate crisp texture and flavor of the original. A special blend of natural oils was chosen to achieve an ideal balance of unsaturated fats and Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, with a very low level of saturated fats. The fiber content has been increased with freshly ground flax meal, oatmeal fiber and other healthy fiber sources, balanced to improve the fiber content without compromising the texture. Water purified with reverse osmosis filtration is used to avoid contamination with elements that can reduce the antioxidant qualities of the other ingredients. No artificial flavors are used, just herbs and spices; and even the flavors have health benefits! The flavors include sundried tomato & cayenne pepper, fresh garlic & basil, and rosemary & sage, all of which are traditional sources of antioxidants.

Snackarini™ come in a lightfast, airtight package for long shelf life without the use of chemical preservatives. Put them in a lunchbox or serve them with wine and cheese or a meal for a delicious and healthy alternative to processed snack foods.
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