Press Release - Pullman Holt

Joint Venture Will Have Major Impact on Industrial Cleaning Equipment In North American Market

Tampa, FL. March 1, 2008 — Millions of workers in the U.S. are exposed to concrete dust every year, putting them at risk of developing severe or fatal lung disease and other serious illnesses. Two corporations, one in Sweden, and one in the U.S., are working together to provide solutions to these problems. Pullman-Holt Corporation, USA and Pullman Ermator, Sweden announced the establishment of a Tampa-based company. The joint venture, called Pullman Ermator LLC, will be a leader in the manufacturing of HEPA vacuums and dust extractors used in the abatement, restoration, remediation and construction industries.

Pullman-Holt manufacturers and distributes an extensive line of 120V portable HEPA filtration vacuums ranging from dry-only vacuums to wet/dry vacuums. Pullman-Holt’s distributor network is made up of more than 300 safety/industrial companies specializing in worker protection and environmental clean-up. Pullman Ermator produces high-powered dust extractors, wet vacuums, and portable air scrubbers, equipped with HEPA filtration. Pullman Ermator’s global distribution network has enabled it to become a leader in craftsmanship and efficiency with 120V, 220V and 440V units. Additionally, both companies maintain a complete line of filters, tools, hoses and accessories.

“With the addition of Pullman Ermator quality equipment, our distributors will now have a more extensive line to support contractors and end users, said Bob Eukovich, Vice-President for Sales and Marketing at Pullman-Holt. He added, “The demand for vacuums with high-efficiency filtration systems continues to grow as the health risks to workers from airborne dust are increasingly identified and documented. This joint venture will assure our continued leadership position in the North American market for hazardous material pick-up.”

The new Pullman Ermator LLC line features powerful HEPA filtered dust extractors, targeted specifically for the U.S. construction industry. The most widely used material in construction is concrete, and concrete dust has been identified as the next “asbestos” crisis. Recent studies suggest that prolonged exposure to concrete dust from grinding, sanding and cutting can lead to disabling and often fatal diseases. Most Pullman Ermator dust extractors are equipped with a direct, drop-down disposal to plastic collection bags, offering a much quicker, safer containment of harmful dust. Other Pullman Ermator products include wet/dry models for fluids and sludge, pre-separator vacuums for large volume dust recovery, and compact air scrubbers for HEPA filtration and negative-pressure containment zones.