Searchable Online Catalogs

An online catalog can bring new business, even without ecommerce. Selling online is not always an option if products require a lot of customization or pricing is extremely volatile, and some companies just aren't ready to make the leap. An online catalog can be a major tool in educating potential customers and in driving new business.

Perhaps the most important benefit from a detailed catalog is that it helps people who are looking for your products and services find you. If a potential customer does a Google search for a left handed smoke shifter, and your website doesn't include left handed smoke shifters, then your website won't come up in the search engine results. And, the more specific the search, the better the chance is for a sale! Someone searching for a generic keyword may or may not be looking for your specific products or may not even know what they are looking for, but someone looking for a specific product is a good customer. That's why a catalog can be your company's best online tool.