Advanced File Storage and Sharing Plan

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Storage and employee accounts can be added to most plans, and more industry-specific features are available. Call us, and we'll help you design the perfect ShareFile plan for your business.

Plan Includes

  • Unlimited Client Users
  • Custom Branding
  • Mobile Applications
  • Sync
  • Two-Step Verification

Optional Features

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Office 365 Co-Editing
  • Outlook & Gmail Plugins
  • Feedback & Approvals Workflows
  • Encrypted Email
  • Advanced Security

Frequently Asked Questions

Easy to set up, easy to use?
Everything is in the cloud, so there are no downloads or installs, for you or your users. On-premise or hybrid storage solutions are available with our Enterprise plans.
Streamlined work with email, search and sync?
Citrix Files allows users to access files directly through a mapped drive, providing a native file storage experience. Citrix Files for Outlook and Gmail allows users to insert links to files, upload and send new files, and request files directly from Microsoft Outlook email messages.
How does ShareFile secure my files?
ShareFile safeguards your files with industry-accepted encryption protocols and algorithms in transit and at rest. Your files are encrypted with up to 256-bit encryption using industry-standard encryption protocols.
What’s the difference between a client user and an employee user?
Think of employee users as internal users who work for your company and client users as external users. Employee users manage the account and can request and send files to client users. Client users are able to upload and download files, along with a few others capabilities. All ShareFile plans have unlimited client users.
How does encrypted email work?
ShareFile allows you to encrypt not just the email attachments, but also the body of your message to your recipient. It’s a simpler way to support compliance and add security. And even better: recipients don’t need a username or password or have to be ShareFile customers to view or respond to an encrypted email.
Can I send files out for e-signatures from ShareFile?
ShareFile Premium accounts support requesting and sending electronic signatures.

In addition Citrix RightSignature seamlessly integrates with ShareFile. For an additional fee, you can send files stored in your ShareFile account to others for secure, legally binding electronic signature. Signed, documents are saved automatically back to ShareFile.