Custom Product Configurators

Not all products are “one-size fits all”. On the simpler end, many products come in different colors or sizes. Sometimes the problem is more complicated.

If you ever bought a computer online, you know the idea. Choose one item from category a, one item from category b, and so on. It starts to get more complicated when choice x means y isn’t compatible, and z is mandatory but q is optional. No worries! We take complicated product groups and make them simple for your customers to order.

We customize the solution to suit your products and marketing needs:

  • Offer various color selections, sizes & options within the same package
  • Promote accessories and let your customers add them to the cart right from the product page
  • Guide your customers to the most appropriate selections, but allow them to choose something else if they want.
  • Automatically add mandatory components to the bundle.
  • Use conditional logic to make surecustomers don’t buy incompatible components
  • Make an “Add everything with one click” bundle.
  • Offer a discount for buying bundled products
  • Optional reduce inventory for individual products when purchased in a bundle
  • Allow customers to pick from a set of products

The mouth ring and three point bridle are required. Cod ends are required too, but the customer has a choice between two types.

Color and height options for gates and posts automatically switch to match the selected fence section, but the customer can change the selection.