Intrusion Protection Services

The Second Line of Defense

Mitigate Your Business Risk

The Firewall is the first layer of defense. Beyond that, IPS identifies and blocks all attacks on the network without requiring user intervention.

You Need Back-up

IT Administrators often experience information overload from their network devices. They receive large volumes of activity but aren't able to interpret the data in real time and respond accordingly. With innumerous malicious activities threatening the integrity of your network every day, your business needs a second line of defense.

How It Works

Our Intrusion Protection solution gives you a stronger defense against both known and unknown attacks. By analyzing content and behavior in real time, we enable key applications to be deployed at the network edge where they can most effectively protect your network. By combining a set of signatures of known attack patterns and behavior-based analysis, we can improve the response to malicious activity across your network.

Security You Can Count On

Our UTM Intrusion Detection and Prevention solution gives you:

  • 24x7x365 real time monitoring, analysis, and support by our security experts
  • Backing by our fully redundant data centers located around the world
  • Signature and anomaly-based detection and prevention
  • Continuously updated database of millions of restricted websites
  • Access to an easy-to-use customized online portal
  • Device change availability
  • Formal incident response processing
  • Up-to-date global signatures