Logos and Branding

A professionally designed logo is the first step towards developing a brand identity

A logo can convey your company’s values and style in a single, memorable graphic. Is your brand traditional? Edgy? Playful? Folksy? High Tech? Your custom logo can reflect all that. A professional logo builds trust and credibility. When your logo stands out, it creates an immediately recognizable impression that brings your company to mind at a glance.  Brand recognition helps differentiate your company from its competitors. A professional logo should be clear and easy to reproduce. Because it may be used in everything from a small business card to a wall-sized graphic, it needs to be scalable. We create logos in a vector format that can be easily sized to fit the situation without loss of clarity. We can also create one-color versions for embroidery, embossing or other uses.

We create a unique brand identity with colors, fonts and styles consistent with your company’s image.

Your logo is where it starts; from there we can develop marketing materials, business cards and more.

Letterhead, Business Card, and Envelope