Magento E-Commerce Software

Magento is the Ecommerce platform of choice for small businesses and multinational corporations alike. Some of the big names that trust Magento to provide an exceptional Ecommerce experience include:

Christian LouboutinChristian Louboutin

Why do all these companies trust Magento? Here are a few reasons:

Open-source Open-source Open Source software code is accessible and can be modified freely. This means that anyone with technical knowledge can make changes and add new features that a specific store needs. Better still, the basic source code for Magento Community Edition is free, so there are no annual licensing fees.

Large Developer Community Large Developer Community Magento has been around for years and a large community of developers has formed. This means that new features are constantly developed, and support and advice is easily available. It is easy to hire skilled Magento developers, and when problems arise programmers can usually find answers on dedicated Magento forums. Hundreds of extensions are available on the Magento Marketplace.

Built for Ecommerce Built for Ecommerce Unlike Woocommerce, which is an Ecommerce system tacked on to a content management system, Magento was built specifically for Ecommerce. It has numerous features built in that help make an online store effective, including detailed reporting, support for multiple payment gateways, shipping methods, currencies and languages, and just about any other features an online store could need. Out of the box, Magento supports customizable products, variable products, grouped products and more. Any features that aren't available in a basic installation can usually be found in an extension or can be developed.

Scalable Scalable Scalability is one of Magento's most important features for a growing business. Whether you are selling ten products or ten thousand products, Magento can handle it. Even if you start small, rest assured that Magento can keep up with you as you grow. If you need some new functionality as you grow, you can often find what you need in the numerous extensions available in the Magento Marketplace, or an experienced developer can help you develop exactly what you need.

Top Performance Top Performance Even with thousands of products and customers, Magento won't stall. A properly optimized Magento installation will run fast and smoothly, without taking your server down. Advanced caching capabilities, the ability to move non-essential javascript to the bottom of the page, script minification and other improvements keep your website loading quickly and retaining customers.

Multi-store Multi-store Magento is great for companies with several divisions or brands, or that operate in more than one country. Multiple storefronts can be managed from one central admin dashboard. Each storefront can have unique prices, products, language, currencies - even a completely unique domain name! From an admin standpoint, employees can be given permissions to manage different aspects of one storefront or several, keeping centralized control where you want it.

Customizable Customizable Hosted Ecommerce platforms like Shopify may offer various themes, but they can all seem very alike. Magento allows you to create a completely unique storefront for your business that will distinguish you from your competitors.

Easy integration Easy integration One of the features that really sets Magento apart from the competition is its ability to integrate with third party systems. Want to get product inventory from your ERP system and allow your best customers to pay negotiated rates? Magento can make that happen. Need to connect to a client's punchout? Magento can do that too. Magento can be integrated with payment systems, shipping systems, transportation services, Google Analytics, Google Shopping, and more.

SEO Friendly SEO Friendly Magento has built-in features designed to help your online store rank higher. You can easily add custom URLs, title tags, page descriptions and sitemaps to make sure your website is spidered.