Our Process

The outline below shows you exactly how your project will be taken from an idea to a finished product.

1. Planning:


We start working on your website BEFORE you sign a contract. We analyze your current website (if you have one), research competing websites, and determine the content and features that will make your website the most effective tool possible. The proposal will clearly outline the content and functions, so there are no surprises down the line. Then, we make it a goal to assure that your website reflects your company’s professional image. We interview you to find out what you like, and just as importantly what you don’t like.

2. Architecture:


Based on our analysis of the content and functionality required for your website, we develop the “information architecture”. This means determining the best way to structure the website, so that your important information is readily available and users can find what they are looking for easily.

3. Design and Development:

Design and Development

The designer assigned to your website will then do a visual layout that reflects your company’s image and takes your design preferences into consideration. You get a chance to approve this layout before we start coding.

Once the design is approved, we start development. Depending on the needs of your website, this can mean coding compliant html, compiling and developing content, configuring e-commerce parameters, custom programming and more. Your Project Manager will keep you informed as production moves on, so you always know where you stand. And our Quality Assurance team will make sure everything is completed according to the original plan.

4. Review:


Once the production phase is complete, you will be able to review each and every page. You have the final say, so you don’t have to worry about things being anything less than perfect.

5. Support:


After your site goes live, the Industrial Webworks support team is still there for you. We can help with report analysis, email services, or marketing your new site. You don’t stop being a client when the project is finished. In fact, we include a whole year of free support with every website!