Payment Services

IndustrialNetPay: Tailoring Advanced Payment Solutions for the Modern Industry

Experience precision, flexibility, and innovation with IndustrialNetPay. Our platform is designed to elevate your business transactions, effortlessly blending your quotation needs with an array of superior payment features. Dive in to discover our unparalleled offerings tailored for the industry's unique demands.

Revolutionize Your Quotations with IndustrialNetPay

Centralized Control: IndustrialNetPay's integrated quote management system offers multi-tiered access. Core personnel can oversee quotes company-wide, while individual sectors focus on their dedicated storefronts.

Intuitive "Quote Cart": Customers can populate their "quote cart" with products of interest, even those without visible prices. For a tailored quotation experience, users can upload images and jot down comprehensive instructions.

Prompt Notifications and Admin Interaction: Admins receive instant notifications of new quote requests. Through a user-friendly dashboard (depicted below), they can efficiently process these requests, factoring in prices, shipping details, and other specifics.

Customer Engagement: Post-notification, customers can review their proposals from their dedicated dashboards. For a seamless feedback loop, they can add comments and supplementary files. Upon quote acceptance, it easily transitions to the cart for payment.

Proactive Quote Creation by Admin: Beyond reactive responses, admins can proactively curate quotes. By initiating 'Create New Quote', they can select or onboard customers and append products as required.

Pioneering Punchout System:

Our advanced Punchout System isn't just about integration; it's about transforming the very fabric of B2B e-commerce.

Deep Integration: Seamlessly bridge your e-commerce endeavors into the procurement operations of larger industry players. This allows for real-time catalog updates, order status tracking, and more.

Enhanced Client Relations: By integrating deeply into your clients' operational processes, foster stronger business relationships, ensuring your offerings are always top-of-mind during procurement.

Scalability: Built with growth in mind, our Punchout System can adapt and expand as your business connections and client base grow.

Exceptional Affordability with Adobe Payment Services:

In an age where transaction costs can erode profit margins, IndustrialNetPay has you covered.

Competitive Rates: By leveraging the Adobe Payment Services gateway, enjoy some of the most competitive transaction rates in the industry.

Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees or surprise charges. We believe in transparent, honest pricing so you can plan your finances better.

Reliable & Secure: Adobe Payment Services ensures every transaction is not only affordable but also secure, using advanced encryption and fraud protection tools.

Magento 2 Synchronized:

Stay ahead of the e-commerce curve with our seamless integration with Magento 2.

Seamless Synchronization: Ensure your products, inventory, and pricing details are always up-to-date with real-time synchronization between IndustrialNetPay and Magento 2.

Extensibility: Magento 2's wide range of extensions and plugins ensures you can customize and extend your e-commerce platform as your business needs evolve.

Performance Optimized: Our system is built to ensure swift, smooth transactions, leading to improved user experiences and faster checkout times.

WordPress Adaptability:

Given WordPress's dominance in the CMS space, our adaptability to this platform is unparalleled.

Plug-and-Play Integration: With an easy setup process, get your payment and quotation systems running on your WordPress site in no time. Customizable: Whether you're running a business blog, a corporate site, or an e-commerce store on WooCommerce, our tools adapt and integrate seamlessly. Community & Support: Given WordPress's vast community, you'll always find support, tutorials, and updates ensuring your platform remains secure and up-to-date.