Website Analysis

Is your website performing as well as you would like? Let us look under the hood! A website analysis gives you the information you need to get your website running smoothly.

If you already have a website but it isn’t performing as well as you would like, we can perform a detailed analysis to find the most important factors affecting your website’s performance. An initial website analysis includes two parts:

  • Our usability analysis is a detailed study of all the ways a website fails to communicate its message clearly. We look at mobile usability, structure, clarity of writing, cross-browser compatibility, code inaccuracies, loading times, readability and more. We can back up our analyses by citing recognized standards for website usability such as the W3C, statistics on browser usage, and scientific research on color and contrast as they relate to legibility.
  • A search engine analysis reveals which pages are indexed by the top search engines, and how many keywords for a website rank in the top thirty. When we find the pages that are underperforming, we create an SEO error report to reveal the critical errors that are working against achieving high search engine rankings.
Website Analysis
We maintain the results of the first SEO analysis, so that a followup analysis will not only show the current status of the website’s search engine rankings; it will also show how ranking has changed for every keyword that has already been searched, and which new keywords are ranking in the top results.