Virtual Private Servers

All the Power and Flexibility of a Dedicated Server for a Fraction of the Price

Since inventing Virtual Private Server (VPS) technology over 10 years ago, Verio has helped thousands of small- to medium-sized businesses use the web as a tool to increase efficiencies and cost-effectively grow their bottom line. With Virtual Private Servers, a single physical server is divided into multiple private “virtual” servers that have their own file system, processes, users, applications and resource allocations - so your customers have the flexibility and benefits of a dedicated server for a much lower monthly rate. Plus, your customers can offload the daily server management to Verio’s experts while maintaining the control to install software and configure the right solutions for them.


  • Virtual Power: In addition to providing a fully isolated ‘virtual’ server environment, very few Virtual Private Server accounts reside on each shared server, giving your customers increased power and performance.
  • Premier Reliability: Our experienced administrators take care of all maintenance, backups and updates on our proven platforms and industry-leading operating systems - and it’s all backed by the power of NTT’s global infrastructure.
  • Total Control: Your customers can fully customize the server configuration and choose the best applications and services to suit their specific needs as their business evolves.