Platform Integrations

Integrated Platform and Platform Integration

A one-stop solution - an integrated platform ensures all the pieces fit together and work together.

Our unified system, built on the framework of our ERP, integrated with a Magento for top-of-the-class ecommerce experience and hosted on a secure, robust server, gives you almost everything you need to run you business except the products.

Manually entering data is not only time-consuming, it is extremely error prone. One error can have a ripple effect, causing loss of money, time and customer satisfaction. Tying your ecommerce system to your ERP ensures that data is consistent and accurate. Inventory, pricing, orders, customer data, and shipping details sync automatically between your website and your business systems. Your employees will spend less time on boring data entry, your customers will have a more accurate picture of product pricing and availability, and management will have accurate information that can be used for planning.

Platform Integrations

Already in love with your existing accounting program? We won't judge. We can synchronize orders and billing from our ERP or Magento website with existing systems like Quickbooks or Sage so you don't have to worry about mistyped or misplaced data.

We can also integrate your ecommerce website with punchout systems, PIM (Product Information Management) systems and more.